Thursday, August 9, 2012

Traditional Marriage and Family Values

First, read this: The Top 8 Ways to be Traditionally Married According to The Bible

Now, a little background on me : 

I was born and raised in a Conservative Christian home. My father is a retired minister and I grew up in church.  I studied Biblical Theology and The Foundations of Christian Principles and Doctrine in college.  I also had a career in Contemporary Christian music.  I traveled around preaching and singing to the masses. Imagine that? As I grew and evolved, I began to question and examine some of the teachings I learned in church.  They just weren't working for me anymore. Someone very close to me was gay and I just couldn't accept the Christian perspective on that kind of lifestyle.  I went back to school to study nutrition and met new and different people from all walks of life.  My political views changed. I discarded most of my beliefs and ideas about religion.  My opinions about Family Values and Marriage Equality changed, as well.  As a result of my new views and lifestyle;  I became the black sheep of my family. My brother is a black sheep too, but he left home years ago to follow his heart and ideas about God, religion, and sexuality. I am also no longer permitted to sing in the "Christian" arena. This is heart breaking because my love for God has not changed.  I just believe in Him a little differently now.  In fact, my devotion and appreciation is stronger than ever and I would love to sing about it.  It's a bit tragic, but the greater tragedy would be to forsake my personal beliefs and deny my heart. So, the song bird has been silenced.  I don't have any axes to grind and I am not bitter. I am at peace. The only reason I am sharing this is so you will understand that I am not an ignorant novice. I've seen and lived both sides. 

What really sticks in my craw are those who keep using the Bible as their foundation for Traditional Marriage and Family Values. I am in the thick of this day in and day out.  I often wonder how many of these people have actually read and understand their Bibles? 

The Bible doesn't say all that much about marriage. The Old Testament has some rules and regulations. The majority of those rules and regulations concerning marriage- NO ONE follows any more.  If you really want to get all biblical about it;  the New Testament actually discourages against marriage and tells us it's better not to get married at all.  Marriage in the New Testament is more of a spiritual union between Man and God; not a ceremony between a man and woman. 
I do not believe one can argue Traditional Marriage/ Family Values from a biblical stand point because the Bible really does not address the topic clearly and consistently. You can't use the Bible as your defense if you are not following the rules yourself.  This means if your wife was not a virgin when you married her; you were supposed to drag her out into the street and stone her. (Deuteronomy 22:13-21).  Ridiculous, right? But..... this is what the Bible says! 

The Apostle Paul wrote: Love never finds an end. Why can't we just go with that? People who love one another should be allowed to marry regardless of gender or sexual preference.  Who are we to try to put limits on love and the desire to be a family? Just because we don't understand something or would never consider it for ourselves does not necessarily make it WRONG!  And who are we to say we know God's heart or mind about anything? Other than loving one another. He told us to LOVE.  That's it! 

I believe REAL Family Values are caring for the poor, the sick, and the homeless.  Protecting victims of domestic violence.  Women's Rights.  Equal Rights. Protecting and healing broken children and preventing abuse.  Putting an end to drug addiction among our young people.  Protecting the environment and our precious resources. Curing epidemics like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.  YEAH.  Fighting for these causes is hard. It takes sacrifice. This stuff is ripping families apart.  Our focus is just grossly distorted.  Remember all that drama and fighting over Fast Food chicken? People gorging themselves on that crap because the establishment support their beliefs?  There are probably hungry families right in our own neighborhoods who would just love a chicken sandwich and they don't care where it comes from.  Are you kidding me? 

I apologize for offending anyone and their personal beliefs, but this is my heart.  I must be true to my heart. 

"If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town." - Jesus Christ

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